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A vital, although less visible element of The Great Primate Handshake, is research. The research teams on each expedition work tirelessly to compile background information in each location, for use in a number of ways.


This may include specific requests to gather survey information for an organisation, general information and opinions about certain conservation/digital media issues, and interviews from local people. This is then written up by the team and either posted here or sent on to the relevant parties.

The GPH itself is compiling this information for future expeditions so that it can be used constructively to help direct our involvement with organisations. One of the main aspects in this sense is assessing the use of digital media in the communities we are visiting, to ensure as much as possible the right media is created and implemented. Conclusions at each location are also being drawn up, to make any useful suggestions that have arisen as a result of the research team’s discussions.

A multi-faceted component of the GPH, some of the research team’s broader objectives are as follows:

  • To assess local perceptions of primates, specifically in relation to the  organisations the GPH is working with.
  • To evaluate community attitudes and expectations (of the sanctuaries) in a  way that is of use to the sanctuaries, and of educational value to fellow  volunteers and readers.
  • To talk to the staff who are involved in primate conservation to look into why  they became involved in conservation.
  • To assess what digital media platforms are available in the sanctuaries and  local communities; looking at what has and has not been successful.

Follow the links on the left of the page for details of the research completed so far.

A note about research on the Great Primate Handshake:

As per the aims listed above, the GPH research team is a vital component to our overall conservation aims, talking to the people who are ultimately going to make a difference to conservation locally.

It is important to note that because of time restrictions in each location, conclusions and summaries are to give us an overall picture of attitudes and expectations of local communities – in relation to conservation as a whole, and what media is available at each location. With several expeditions now already completed, a further ongoing research focus is assessing the way our content is received and interpreted, with the aim of making improvements to content style and dissemination where necessary. The GPH recognises that longer-term research of a wider area would be more scientifically valid, and collaborates with local researchers and organisations where possible. The research being carried out is intended to be ongoing, researching existing and new concepts annually, and comparing our findings, and is not intended as stand-alone research for wider publication.

If you are interested in Research on the GPH or in contributing knowledge to our research aims, then please get in touch. Likewise, if you disagree with our findings and would like to offer your opinions, we would like to hear from you.