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Vervet Monkey Foundation (VMF)



The Vervet Monkey Foundation was first launched in 1993. The centre came to life when two environmentalists, David Du Toit and Arthur Hunt, discovered the plight of the vervet species and its reputation as ‘vermin’ in South Africa. Having found an orphan vervet only hours old, enquiries to local authorities suggested killing the baby as there was no facility to care for it. The foundation was born out of necessity.


One of the first priorities of the foundation was to research the possibility of rehabilitation for the orphans. As well as rehabilitation, the VMF also saw it necessary to provide a sanctuary for injured and miss-placed vervet monkeys. Their program also includes an education initiative to inform the public of the role that vervet monkeys play in the local eco system.

Handshake’s Input

The VMF was host to the birth of The Handshake, with theĀ first ever volunteer expedition landing there back in 2005. Our input has been ongoing and has included the building of the VMF website, video production for their vervet forest campaign, numerous fundraising events and the manufacture of vervet soft toys for the foundation by Dowman Soft touch – an ethical company recommended by the Monkey Sanctuary Trust in Cornwall.


Vervet Monkey Foundation
PO BOX 415
Tzaneen 0850
Plot 35
California Tarentaalrand Letsitele

Tel: +27 15 304 3484