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An integral component of The Great Primate Handshake is education. Education is key to raising awareness of primates and their need to be conserved, whether in the classroom or within the community. Education is therefore seen as the main portal for the development of views towards conservation.

So what will The Great Primate Handshake do for education?

Along The Great Primate Handshake expeditions, one of our key focal points will be the educational programs that sanctuaries have in place. We will work together with education coordinators and help develop content to enhance their programmes in a way that is specific and detailed by them. This could see the teams putting together presentations, short films, activity packs or animations- all depending on the sanctuaries specifications.

The Great Primate Handshake is a digital media tour, however this does not mean that school children and communities are not important. The Great Primate handshake aims to work with communities and schools surrounding primate sanctuaries to reinforce and assist in spreading the message of education and conservation.

What do volunteers do?

Although some of the volunteers have had previous tuition in interactive media, many are coming from unskilled backgrounds, so are being taught by professionals and other volunteers in the field to produce content that is directly benefiting primate organisations. This means that a volunteer (on the education team) could be doing anything from learning Photoshop skills for activity design to teaching a class about apes and monkeys.


This section of the website is designed and produced, in the field, by volunteers of The Great Primate Handshake.

Each of the sections holds information about the volunteers on the education team, what they have been up to as well as the content they have created.

Please browse around and if you have any questions or queries email info@primatehandshake.org