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The Great Primate Handshake raises awareness of primate sanctuaries and primate conservation programmes through the production of media.

We produce video, web and media content to highlight primate conservation to communities, schools and people across the globe.

Our expeditions invite volunteers to join us in the field on our Great Primate Handshake Expeditions.

Learn new production skills, work directly with primate sanctuaries and research ways in which we can work together to reverse the decline of primates across Africa and promote conservation education.

Primate populations across the world are in rapid decline.

Recent estimates suggest that 25% of primate species are close to extinction.

Unless action is taken now, we could possibly even lose the world’s great apes within the next 15 years.

Threatened and endangered primates

The Great Primate Handshake aims to help raise awareness of African primate sanctuaries and conservation programmes by harnessing the latest communications and multimedia technologies to highlight and broadcast their work to a local and global audience.

Utilizing a fully equipped touring mobile workshop and supported by a team of professionals and volunteers, the Great Primate Handshake aims to work with primate sanctuaries, communities, schools and conservation programmes to ultimately conserve threatened primates, support communities and enhance primate conservation activities.

With an estimated 1.114 billion people now using the internet worldwide, we aim to host a live and interactive website during the tour to enable audiences to actively support and take part in primate conservation activities across Africa. We aim to work with, and support, local community projects, highlight the vital work sanctuaries play in conserving primates, and connect schools together to promote the discussion of conservation issues in innovative interactive classroom link-ups.

During the Handshake tour, a range of resources and interactive content to support and enhance the work of event participants will be produced. This content will be available for participants to use free of charge to further promote their primate conservation programmes.

This unique tour will enable local and international volunteers to be taught the necessary skills to communicate primate conservation activities locally and globally.

The Great Primate Handshake will support the creation of an active and committed global audience interested in taking an active role in primate conservation.


The GPH’s objectives are to:

* Raise awareness of primate conservation in Africa and the importance of supporting primate sanctuaries.

* Enable primate sanctuaries and conservation programmes to promote their work at no cost.

* Support and complement educational programmes and fundraising initiatives.


To achieve our objectives we will:

* Tour Africa in a specialised mobile workshop.

* Host a live and globally-interactive website.

* Supply a team of professionals & volunteers.

* Produce awareness-raising digital media.

Who we are supporting

The Great Primate Handshake has supported a number of primate sanctuaries and primate programmes throughout the course of our four field expeditions (2008 – 2009) and continues to support organisations prior to the completion of an expedition from our home in the United Kingdom.

Primate sanctuaries currently receiving support include:

Lola Ya Bonobo – We have built two websites, one in English and one in French and included a donation and adoption page to help raise vital funds for their bonobo sanctuary and conservation programmes.

J.A.C.K – We have built a website and produced a short video to highlight JACK’s work providing sanctuary to orphaned and injured chimpanzees in the Katanga Province, Democratic Republic of Congo.

The Jane Goodall Institute Chimpanzee Eden – We have produced films and educational content to raise awareness of JGI South Africa’s work rescuing and caring for abused chimpanzees at their excellent sanctuary in Nelspruit, South Africa.

The Vervet Monkey Foundation – The initial Great Primate Handshake concept and idea was born at this sanctuary. We continue to provide website support after building their site in 2004/05 – New additions include online adoptions, the selling of gifts and a blog. The Vervet Monkey Foundation care for over 500 vervet monkeys, nearly all orphaned, injured or abused in the Limpopo Province of South Africa.

The Colobus Trust
– Visited on our 2009 expedition, in 2010 we will return to support their educational outreach programmes. The colobus trust care for and raise awareness of colobus monkeys in and around the Diani region of Mobasas, Kenya.

Chimpanzee and Wildlife Conservation Trust (CSWCT) Uganda – We are working with the CSWCT to provide printed graphic banners for their outreach displays in Uganda and have also created a number of video diaries highlighting life at their sanctuary, Ngamba Island to raise awareness of their work.

Sweetwaters Chimpanzee Sanctuary
– Sweetwaters care for chimpanzees rescued from conflicts and is a Jane Goodall Sanctuary. We are working with sweetwaters to create educational games to be distributed locally with an aim to raising awareness of sweetwaters work to local school children and budding conservationists.

Primate conservation organisations

The Great Apes Film Initiative (GAFI) – We host their website that is managed by GAFI staff members and continue to support their development through the production of digital media when required. You can learn more about GAFI’s work on their website or blog.

Lebialem Hunter’s Beekeeping Initative – We have built a website to raise awareness of the LHBI programme. Future plans include the creation of a blog and additional fundraising tools. The Lebialem Hunter’s Beekeeping Initative aims to reduce financial dependence on bushmeat and the volume of species harvested by providing hunters with an alternative income source through beekeeping.

Orangutan Land Trust – Although our focus is on African primates, the Orangutan Land Trust approached us requiring a website so we produced a simple WordPress site capable of displaying project information, news and donation information. Our future plans include the addition of a carbon calculator and palm oil friendly shopping guide / analysis. You can visit the Orangutan Land Trust’s website as forests4orangutans.org