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Chimp Eden


Located just outside of Nelspruit in South Africa, Chimp Eden is an unusual sanctuary. Not being endemic to the country you would not expect to find a sanctuary for chimpanzees here; but because of the prevalence of illegal trade within Africa Chimp Eden became a necessity.

Just three years old, Chimp Eden is a relatively fresh project. Housing 31 Chimpanzees in it’s 17-acres of natural enclosure, the sanctuary offers a home for chimpanzees that have fallen victim to the pet trade, the entertainment industry and general captivity.

Operating under the Jane Goodhall Institute’s banner, Chimp Eden is a non-profit sanctuary facilitating tourists and school groups. The sanctuary has had three series of ‘Escape to Chimp Eden’, showing sanctuary life in all its detail. The series were aired on Discovery Channel and Animal Planet. Giving the sanctuary a high profile, attendance is climbing steadily.

The sanctuary manager Phillip Cronje has been working with chimps for a number of years. Having lost his left index finger to a male chimp, he knows exactly how vicious chimps can potentially be – and how unpredictable their behavior is. Despite his missing digit, Phillips passion for chimpanzees is more than evident through his devotion to their care and well-being.

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