A giraffe photographed through trees

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A giraffe photographed through trees.

A giraffe photographed through trees.

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  1. Lena says:

    How absolutely beautiful!! I’ve been viewing this website top to bottom and have seen the most beautiful animals; and gosh how I wish to go to Africa some day. Not as a tourist to do a Safari, but to assist with the conservation and care of all wildlife. I came to this site to find out how to volunteer with the assistance of the vervet monkeys. However in reading through the material I’ve come to find you have to be a pro photographer, web designer, a film maker, etc.. If anyone knows of any trips that you can volunteer in the work of caring for wildlife for the sake of conservation please share. I donate to several organizations, the WWF, ASPCA, HSUS, etc., but would love to do so much more. It’s heart breaking to think that some of these animals are on the verge of extinction because man can’t find a better way to share this wonderous world in which we live.

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