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The Marshmallow Challenge

Saturday – Day 2

Marshmallow Challenge

Saturday morning was unlike any other for most of the Handshake volunteers, starting with an activity called the Marshmallow Challenge. Designed by Peter Skillman who is Vice President of Design at Palm, this activity encourages the generation of quick ideas and team work. The process involves taking a number of different materials and trying to construct a free standing structure which can support the weight of a marshmallow.

The Handshake volunteers were split into teams of four, and each team was given:
1. 20 sticks of spaghetti
2. A yard of tape
3. A yard of string
4. A marshmallow.

A time of 18 minutes was allowed for the construction of the marshmallow-topped tower. What followed was 40 minutes of competition with each team desperate to outdo their newly acquired friends. The exercise was performed twice, with the tallest structure being acheived by Lauren, Chris, Steph and Phil in the first attempt.

Team Terminator

The second time the challenge was attempted the winners were Lauren G, Lucy, Sarah and Carys.

Lucy, carys, Lauren and Sarah

In the end the result seems less important than the bonding between team members. Now with a newly found feeling of team work and camaraderie, the Handshake volunteers could look forward to the adventure which would follow in the next 28 days.

The Link below will direct you to the Marshmallow Challenge website.


  • moiramckinney

    Reminds me of girl guides. We used twigs to make shoe racks, bound together with fern or any other course grass.
    As if you needed to know that.
    Lovely pictures.
    Happy article.
    Sunny days beside yellow truck.
    Keep on shaking hands.

  • Good article, are you seling links from your website? I’m interested…