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Food for Thought

The Great Primate Handshake, in support of Meat Free Mondays and the Weekday Vegetarian, will be uploading a meat free recipe every Monday and, since Handshake HQ is now vegan, we’ll also be promoting the vegan alternative.

In 2006, a United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization report, Livestock’s Long Shadow, highlighted the environmental impact of meat-eating and the importance of making more environmentally and socially conscious food choices. In 2009, the McCartney’s launched the Meat Free Mondays campaign as a simple, straightforward and accessible idea to show everyone the value of eating less meat.

The concept of giving up meat for one day each week impacts positively on your health and works towards reducing your environmental impact.

Scientists suggest that the amount of greenhouse gasses (GHGs) in the atmosphere need to be reduced by 80% by 2050 to have a chance of avoiding catastrophic climate change.  There is no single action that can achieve this so governments and individuals need to work together and do plenty of little things to make sure this a reality.

The Meat Free Monday along with the Weekday Vegetarian is just one simple way of taking care of our future.

Don’t forget to check-out our recipes for some inspirational vegan delights, all put together at Handshake HQ with every type of cook in mind, and feel free to your recipe ideas to:

Happy cooking.