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What makes  a Primate a Primate?

Primates are members of the Mammalian order Primates.
Kingdom:    Animalia
Phylum:      Chordata
Class:           Mammalia
Order:          Primates

The Primates have several distinguishing features
•    Erect posture
•    Flexible limb structure
•    Grasping hands and feet
•    Longer gestation, reduced offspring, delayed maturation and a dependency on parents
•    Forward facing eyes
•    Stereoscopic colour vision in the day
•    Nails not claws
•    5 digits on hands and feet
•    Opposable thumbs
•    Relatively large body size

It is estimated that there are 234 species of primates and 634 sub species.

Primates can be divided into 3 main groupings
•    Great Apes
•    Prosimians
•    Higher monkeys
•    Old World monkeys
•    New World monkeys

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